Commentary of two books

Commentary of two books

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I am sending you the main assignment, named “Final Commentary” please increase one more page in this….. please provide critical reflection only from books,,,, because from the articles it has already written…. You have written the Commentary of two books for me, it’s good, but you have entered most of the stories of the book instead of the critical reflection and comparison between these two books, you also did not mention what the actual authors want to give the message… and who are the audience or which group of people, the Authors actually want to focus,,,, so far as i can understand, the HALL discussed the management while Thompson focused on general
employee….. I want you to add one more page to my Assignment and make it critical reflection, discussing the main audience and the focus groups which are discussed in the books,,,,,,, Commentary This is a critical reflection (commentary) on the two books and should contain a comparison of the two books. You can draw upon comparisons to the course articles as well as course cases and your own personal experiences to constructively critique the arguments and models presented in Hall’s book and to reflect on what Thompson
writes. Include a comparison to Thompson’s findings in your analysis. It should reflects the overall assessment of the ideas presented, their links to the main messages of the course (Strategic Human Resource Management) and reflect on how the two texts complement, contradict, or counterpoise each other. Here are two books by: (1) Working in the Shadows (2011) by Gabriel Thompson (2) The New Human Capital Strategy (2008) by Bradley Hall Course Cases: 1. The Portman Hotel Company 2. Kids are People 3. Northern Cooper Case 4. Canadian Products A and B 5.

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