Coherence, Conciseness, and Unity

Coherence, Conciseness, and Unity

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To complete this assignment, you must:
1. Format your file correctly.
Format your file as a .doc or .docx file. No other formats will be accepted. Improperly formatted files willlose one letter grade.
2. Name your file correctly. Name your file according to our class formula: LastnameFirst Initial_Assignment Abbreviation. For example, I would name my file SmithC_CS2 if I were naming my file for the writing assignment, CS2; I would not name it Smith, CS2, First Writing Assignment, or anything other than the class formula. Improperly named files will lose one letter grade.
3. Design your document correctly. Design your document to meet the requirements defined and modeled in your handbook and in class. In addition, you must use:
Professional spacing, fonts, and type sizes. Spacing should be either single or 1.5. Fonts should be either from the common pool (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Times) or comparable (e.g., Helvetica instead of Calibri). Sizes should be equally professional: 10 or 12 point for most of these fonts. Page breaks, not hard returns, to separate your document?s major elements like title pages from the body of the document and the references page from the body Headers made with your software?s header function. Documents requiring headers must follow our class formula and appear on appropriate pages (e.g., not on page one, but on all subsequent pages). Consult your word processing software?s header options and/or Help function for details and procedures to create such headers. Your header should look like this facsimile, but with the relevant information changed: SmithC_CS2 page X of Y

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