Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education

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BBB3002 Co-operative Education 2 – Alternate Assessment  Career Plan and Self Appraisal Report (3500words)  This assessment task is to be submitted in report format. Your report will have three sections:  1. an appraisal of skills, knowledge and abilities that you have been
using in your workplace 2. a plan for your future career 3. summary  Each section of the report is to be supported by relevant theory and
evidence – resources to assist you with this can be found on eReserve  in the Library.   Section 1 Self Appraisal (approximately 1,500 words) In the first part of the report, you are required to assess how your workplace skills have developed during your work experience by describing them in terms of the VUGraduate Capabilities. This self-appraisal section of the report is also an opportunity for you to reflect on how your workplace skills have developed and to identifyareas for further development. Information about the VU Graduate Capabilities can be found at  You should prepare this section of the report by assessing your experience against the VU Graduate Capabilities, giving examples of  each.  * Problem solve in a range of settings * Locate, critically evaluate, manage and use written, numerical and electronic information * Communicate in a variety of contexts and modes * Work both autonomously and collaboratively * Work in an environmentally, socially and culturally responsible manner * Manage learning and career development opportunities

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