clothing manufacturer

clothing manufacturer

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I need a financial statement for the company and mission statement
1. Sales Forecast (monthly for the first year, annual sales forecast for years 4)
2. Start-Up Costs (with estimate of capital requirements)
3. Income Statements (standard and common size – first year monthly, years 2-4 annual)
4. Balance Sheets (opening-day and year-end for four years, standard and common size)
5. Statement of Cash Flow (first year monthly, years 4 annual)
6. Break-even analysis (in dollars)
7. Payback Period and also I wanna put this informationNew fashion was started as a California C-corporation with main workplaces location in San Diego, CA all the operation in the company from marketing techniques to organization, occur at leased office place of around 500 square feet. and the company start in 2000 so the financial will start from the year 2000

I upload a file for the writer for business scheme about the for the business plan I need to mention that information in the paper and in the financial statements can read it it will give an idea about the business that I need to do business plan about it thank u

I need to add this information for the paper8. ARR, IRR, PI, NPV9. Ratio Analysis (for each of four years to include the following ratios (current, quick, turnover of cash, debt/equity, return on sales, return on assets, return on investment, average collection period, inventory turnover, fixed asset turnover, gross margin)

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