Church Avenue Brooklyn

Church Avenue Brooklyn

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For this assignment write up a short research statement that includes the following: 1. A clear statement of the object/topic of research(paragraph minimum): What are you researching specifically? The statement should
include a clear thesis or research question and a minimal description of the neighborhood you are working on and some basic information about it in order to explain to the reader why and how your research  and thesis are relevant to this neighborhood.Avoid being too broad or too trivial in your topic choice. 2. A motivation for this research (paragraph minimum): Why does this matter, who should care about this.? If possible explain how the
research connects to your ideas for the studio project. 3. Methodology: How do you expect to conduct the research, what sorts of primary sources will you use, what field work might be involved, what archival research, what sorts of secondary literature? 4. Expected Outcomes: What do you hope or expect to find out, when is the research successful for you. 5. A short ‘bare bones’ outline of your paper: How do you plan to structure the paper?
6. Annotated Bibliography: If you already have sources you know you are going to use. Put this in the bibliography with a short annotation I will have to write a research paper on Church Avenue which is in the Flatbush area
(Brooklyn). BUT what I want you to do is just to answer these questions and help me find sources and come up with the research topic or in short what should I write.

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