choose a technology and explain it;s effect on warfare.

choose a technology and explain it;s effect on warfare.

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ESSAY QUESTION Choose a technology and detail its development as a warfare technology, its use in warfare, its consequent different uses in civilian life, and how those uses changed society.Please note that this option will require outside research. Please locate 5 outside sources (at least 2 books) to base your essay on. If you choose this option, then please clear the technology that you’d like to discuss with me (as I may be able to recommend some sources).

tel me what if you can write about this essay question specifically please .Why did the development of gunpowder weapons and their use have different consequences in Europe versus Asia? How did warfare change as a result of these weapons and what were the broader societal consequences of these differences and the use of gunpowder?Jack Kelly’s Gunpowder and relevant articles from the course reader are to be your primary sources of information when answering this question. You may also base your answer on other outside sources (a scholarly journal article, another book, etc.) if you wish. it is not necessarily has to be gun powder technology.It can be any technology,but specific kind of technology that has effected warfare.

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