Chinese travellers

Chinese travellers

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the consumer’s behavior of outbound Chinese travellers regarding to whether travel motivation will affect their traveling destination. Particularly this thesis will exam how customer will make their decision over Nordic Europe travel bundles and Western Europe travel bundles. The study will focus on leisure trips with the examination of internal desires of travelers and also external factors. The examiners will cover candidates age 20-35 and 45-65. There will be a comparison between these two age groups to exam whether there is a significant difference between these two age groups regarding their traveling choices, and what motivates them to choose one over the other. Subsequently through deductive research, with both quantitative and qualitative methods will be applied. Surveys, interviews will be collected for analyzing throughout the study. Non-probability sampling will be used for data collecting. The reliability of this research is comparably high as the research measures are consistent. The conclusions of the study will be well-founded hence the validity of the study will be high as well.

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