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InstructionsLength is to be a maximum of 1200 words, with spacing up to, but not larger than, double-spaced. Endnote all source material and include a bibliography at the bottom of the document. The bibliography will not be counted in the total word count. Answer the below question using material from class including the assigned readings or Crouching Tiger book/documentary series.Prompt Pick a company listed on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index or a major company publicly traded in Europe, Japan, or India. First, analyze its China risk exposure to a possible military conflict or rising tensions in the region over territorial disputes. Use materials from the course to support your calculation of the level of risk and possible scenario projections. Second, combined with your risk calculations in mind, use information you gather about the selected company from external sources to answer the following questions:

•Does that company have significant production facilities in China?

•Is China an important part of its supply chain?•Does the company import to a significant degree into the China market?

•Does the company rely on Chinese exports in any way?•Has the company already taken any steps to diversify its China risk?

•What steps might the company take to hedge or help mitigate its risk?

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