Chi omega national Sororities leadership paper

Chi omega national Sororities leadership paper

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contrast a leadership theory you have studied during your leadership program. You can use any book as long as it discusses leadership. This may require you to do some research in addition to the book. This paper will be turned in on blackboard using SafeAssign. Late submissions will be result in a 10 points per day penalty. You will identify the book you want to read by week # 4.

I will have a place to list your book and the leadership theory you will compare and contrast. This paper cannot be a paper you have submitted for any other class. Please make sure you read about and understand self-plagarism. Your paper will include at a minimum of 4 sources, none of which can be Wikipedia. This paper must be substantive, meaning that I do not want a book review, rather a thorough review of the theory or theories contained in the book and a good comparison and contrast of the book and the theory you choose.

This can be accomplished in many ways, such as a compare or contrast with other theories, the book providing another/or different perspective to the theory. This paper will be turned in on blackboard using SafeAssign. Most of this information is located in the syllabus located in the Administrative Folder.

The paper will be completed in APA format. This assignment is a formal paper and will include at a minimum:

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