Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Go to THE WEBSITE (the link will be given later) you will find the book read Chapter 9 and do the following: Homework Assignments must have the following: a. Articles must be from a published magazine within the past 30 days. (15-points) b. The assignment must have the particulars of the article on the upper left corner. These include A. Title of article, B. author, C. date, and D. publisher. Remember, if any of these particulars do not exist, seek another article. (15-points) c. Articles must be related to a topic/concept/terminology found in the chapter to be discussed in class (15-points). d. Submissions must be a minimum of two single space paragraphs: 1. Paragraph one is a descriptive summary of the article (15-points). 2. Paragraph two details the relationship of the article to a
topic/concept/terminology found in the chapter to be discussed in class. This paragraph analyzes content and educates the reader as to the relationship with course content. Students are to paraphrase the section, provide examples, educate the reader, and incorporate additional external sources (25-points). e. All sources are to be
cited (APA) on a separate page (15-points) pleas follow the instructions and do is the way it is. Is says what I want in a paragraph 1 and what I want in paragraph 2

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