Changing Behavior in Relation to Mode of Transportation Choice in Kuwait (focus in the young people)

Changing Behavior in Relation to Mode of Transportation Choice in Kuwait (focus in the young people)

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Chapter 1 Introduction (3000 words)Problem context – Climate change is an issue threatening ‘our’ future (is it?)Problem challenge – Receptivity of Kuwaiti young people (up to you) to public transport – how can this changeProblem (project) focus Kuwaiti travel behaviourBackground to travel behaviour and environmental impact of transport in Kuwait Aim: To explore how Kuwaiti young adults’ travel behaviour might change in favour of public transportObjectives – how to meet that aimEstablish what current travel behaviour is – focus on young peopleEstablish current public provisionInvestigate the attitudes to public transport in Kuwait (focusing on young adults)Make recommendations about how those attitudes might lead to behaviour changeThesis structure

Chapter 2 – Methods (2000)Aim how can I do this – How am I going to do it? Literature (systematic analysis of policies and transport plans)Interview public transport users and non-users (young people)From the interviews Identify key drivers and barriers to using public transport Interviews with transport policy, management and providers re recommendations – modify these re findings.

Ch3 Literature (4000 words 10 pages) e.g. Attitudes to car use; Attitudes to public transport; Factors that influence mode choice (general literature and literature specific to Kuwait and neighbouring countries e.g. academic papers, government plans and policies (ch4))

Chapter5 – Research activity (data and analysis) (3000-4000) findings from interviews with travellers and transport managers (drivers and barriers to using public transport and changing behaviour)

Chapter 6 (2000-3000) Discussion and recommendations from chapters 3, 4 and 5

Chapter 7 (2000) Conclusions summary of thesis key findings and recommendations, further work

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