changing agent assignment for CEO

changing agent assignment for CEO

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Choose a change agent you have known in your life. That includes people you have read about in history or learned about in the current news or media. Read the attached information about change agents. Write a concise summary of the following bullet points for your three-page paper.

(Double space, font of 11 or 12, one-inch margins). The first three bullet points should fit on one page or less. The last bullet point (discussing the references) should one+ pages.

• Describe the person briefly.

• Who were the change sponsors and change targets for this change agent? See Framework for Key People in Change on a following page.

• How did the person evoke change? See four questions below for guidance.

• What kind of change agent was this person? Use the three references at the end of this document in your discussion, adding citations in your paper and a reference list at the end.

Here are some questions to help you brainstorm to ideas for how the person evoked change:

1. To what extent did fate or circumstance (like being in the right place at the right time, need to survive, poverty or suffering) contribute to this person’s opportunity to bring about change?

2. To what extent did wealth, fame, position of authority, or special knowledge or education allow this person to rise to the level of change agent?

3. To what extent did passion, stamina or perseverance, and leadership skills make it possible for this person to become a change agent?

4. Did all people agree on the person’s contribution or did it involve controversy or point of view as to whether the change was good or bad?

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