The Challenges Posed by the Failed States to the Neighboring States

The Challenges Posed by the Failed States to the Neighboring States

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Welcome to the final exam for PICX110 Contemporary Security Challenges.This exam is worth 30% of the final grade Students are to choose one security challenge from Table 1 and two analyticaltools from Table 2 to complete a 1,000 word extended written response. Thetables are below.The extended response should evaluate the respective strengths and weaknessesof the two chosen analytical tools if they were to be applied to answering thefollowing two questions: What are the specific threats? What are theirimplications? Students should conclude their extended written response byproviding an argument for why one tool is better than the other.Suggested StructurePart I (roughly 50 words)State the chosen security challenge (selected from Table 1) and analytical tools(two selected from Table 2).Part II (roughly 400 words)What are the respective strengths and limitations of these analytical tools inidentifying the specific threats posed by the selected security challenge?Part III(roughly 400 words)What are the respective strengths and limitations of these analytical tools inidentifying the specific consequences posed by the selected security challenge?Part IV (roughly 150 words)Why is one analytical tool superior to the other in performing these two taskswithin the context of the selected security challenge?NOTE: Do not discuss or list the specific threats and consequences of thesecurity challenge. The exam is asking students to evaluate how well (orpoorly) their chosen analytical tools would be in undertaking this analysis (atsome future point).Table 1: The contemporary security challenge to be analysed1 The challenges posed by surveillance technologies to the privacy of individuals2 The challenges posed by hacktivism to Australian government departments3 The challenges posed by the proliferation of nuclear weapons to internationalpeace and stability4 The challenges posed by climate change to the global economy5 The challenges posed by failed states to neighbouring states Table 2: List of analytical toolsI BrainstormingII Security FrameworkIII Stakeholder AnalysisIV Cost-Benefit AnalysisV Human Reliability AnalysisVI Critical Incident TechniquesVII Social Network AnalysisVIII SWOTIX The Stag Hunt GameX Hazard AnalysisXI State Failure Cycle Students should prepare their extended response using formal academic prose. Itshould essentially be an academic essay minus extensive research, a fullintroduction, conclusion and quoting. In other words, being an exam, studentsshould go drive straight into responding to the exam task.General Guidelines• Referencing is recommended.• It is not a report. Do not use dot points, graphics, or any other stylising.They will be ignored.• Any plagiarism (accidental or otherwise) will result in an automatic“zero” and potentially result in administrative proceedings, which couldjeopardise continued enrolment at Macquarie University• Do not collaborate. Any academic misconduct (accidental or otherwise)will result in an automatic “zero” and potentially result in administrativeproceedings, which could jeopardise continued enrolment at MacquarieUniversity.• Any words beyond the 1,000-word limit will not be read nor examined.• The assignment must be submitted through Turn-It-In on iLearn (as aword document).• The assignment must be submitted on time. Technology difficulties are noexcuse. If you suspect any technology issues, then build in contingencies and time leeway into your exam strategy.

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