the challenges associated with sustainable development,

the challenges associated with sustainable development,

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Write the research methodology section of the research proposal. Write the proposal as if you were going to do it as a study. The methodology should be relevant and realistic and you need to motivate all your decisions. You should address the following facets as outlined in the various sections of the table below:

 A research methodology (qualitative or quantitative) and respective design should be chosen. The nature of your study as well as the time scale should be selected. Your choices should be well-motivated and practical.

 Your sampling technique as well as your sample size should be addressed. Give reasons for your choices.

 You should clearly stipulate the type of data you intend to collect, and which statistics you would employ. You should clearly describe the instrument you intend to use as stipulated in this letter. Suggest how you would overcome problems normally associated with instruments as well as how you would address instrument validity and reliability.

 You should clearly stipulate how you would comply with prescribed ethical conduct in your research effort.

In each of the sections above, you (1) choose a method, technique, instruments, etc. for your research, (2) then you explain the specific choice according to a source of your choice and the (3) you explain why you chose the specific method, technique or instrument for this specific topic. It must be relevant, realistic/possible and theoretically correct.

You need to prepare an appropriate, logical and feasible research methodology that explains clearly how you plan to do the research.

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