The Certified Nurse-Midwife

The Certified Nurse-Midwife

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Our readings this week focused on advanced practice roles that include blended roles of the CNS and NP, the CNM and the CRNA. In addition, you have had the opportunity to consider evolving and innovative roles that are emerging.For this question, select a specialty (nurse educator, nurse informaticist, nurse administrator, nurse executive, nurse manager, and clinical nurse leader) that you think is in some stage of evolution toward advanced practice or has the potential to evolve. Conduct an Internet search (including the online library as well as specialty organizations) and address the following:

1. Examine the current stage in the specialty’s evolution.2. Describe the reasons why the specialty has the potential to evolve.3. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages for the specialty as it is evolving to the advanced practice level.URLs to assist you in answering this question:I will upload the URL’sTextbooks: Dates Active: 1/1/1900 – 1/1/2099Title: Advanced Practice NursingAuthor: Ann B. Hamric; Charlene M. Hanson; Mary Fran Tracy; Eileen T. O’GradyEdition / Copyright: 5Publisher: Elsevier – Health Sciences DivisionISBN: 9781455739806

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