Cases in the USA that could led to allow Guns on Campuses

Cases in the USA that could led to allow Guns on Campuses

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Need to write a well developed paragraph ( argumentative essay, speech style) where the main point/idea will be only about arguments FOR allowing to carry guns on campuses in the USA (universities, colleges, high schools etc – any campuses). Need to build the paragraph ONLY around criminal cases that happened already. For example: because of those cases…. ( show examples) …the guns SHOULD be allowed….and explain.. Do not write just about “why guns should be allowed on campuses” need to analyze and show example of a real cases that happened. Please use the COLLEGE DATABASE (password and a link will send in a message) or FBI, Homeland Security websites informations only. No other sources allowed. It will be more like a speech, where I will “fight” for my opinion: Guns should be allowed on campuses (like for example in Texas) because of those cases:…. ” While doing that paragraph/speech, need to avoid fallacies: Ad hominem Ad misericordiam Ad populum Bandwagon appeal Begging the question Circular reasoning False analogy False dilemma Faulty use of authority Hasty generalization Non sequitur Post hoc, ergo propter hoc Red herring Slippery slope Stacking the Deck

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