Case Study Project Melissa Hershey

Case Study Project Melissa Hershey

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47 years old; married with two children in college. Has been healthy all his life, but recently had a bad car accident and lost a leg; he was texting while driving. Reports that the car that hit him appeared to be farther away and moving slower than it was. Reports chronic pain since the accident; and takes over-the-counter medications to reduce discomfort. Reports that his trouble at work is due to pain, but therapist thinks he has anxiety because his mother always said he wasn’t good enough. Believes he can succeed at work if he can “get it together”

Is color blind Says his heart rate increases when he hears the song that was on the radio when he got in the accident; this also happens when any similar-sounding song plays. Has gained 20 pounds since the accident and is trying to lose it. He knows his wife loves him no matter what; he believes she can do no wrong. Thinks all managers at work are unfair and overly directive. Feels people think of him as disabled and treat him differently because of his injury. Erin Whitcomb (Allen’s Wife) Reports: He is always seeking a calm, quiet environment. Introduction to Psychology Case Studies-Allen Whitcomb ©2015 Laureate Education, Inc. 2

He always seems on edge. She describes him as quiet, tense, anxious, and unfriendly. He has never had many close friends. She loves him no matter what. He watches television a lot since the accident and treated her unkindly after watching violent television shows, but he seems to feel bad and is trying to stop that. She encourages him to remain as active as possible. She wants him to contribute to the family, community, and society. Dawn Taylor (Allen’s Therapist) Reports:

He has difficulty sleeping, has continued pain after the accident, and reports feelings of sadness and fatigue. Therapist is teaching him to control his heart rate and breathing when he feels stressed. He remembers how to drive a car, but cannot remember the accident itself, except for the song that was playing when it happened. Therapist has told him to smile more throughout the day to help improve his mood.

Therapist is encouraging him to take online classes to develop his sense of self- worth and feelings of contributing to the greater good.


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