case study that links crowdfunding

case study that links crowdfunding

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Use the internet to find a *case study that links crowdfunding as a novel and important part of the business start-up. Submit a written document that analyzes and discusses:

  1. The size of the project mentioned in your case study ( local, regional, national, international)
  2. Was the capital successfully raised through crowdfunding?
  3. Was the project overfunded or did the project miss making their goal?
  4. If your answer to #2 is “Yes”, what component of the product helped with raising needed funds?
  5. If your answer to #2 is “No”, what did the product lack that hindered raising funds?
  6. Was the finished product delivered on time to investors?
  7. What crowdfunding company was used?
  8. Discuss if your case study crowdfunding was:
  1. a humanitarian cause
  2. a micro-financed loan to be paid back
  3. crowdfunding investors that receive a reward (reward for backing the project)
  4. crowdfunding as an investor for a stake of the company
  1. Compose a crowdfunding overview  (the post you would write to entice peer-to-peer support) of your own class final project

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