Case Study about addressing customer needs

Case Study about addressing customer needs

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To successfully address customer needs requires excellent communication, and communication requires that we know our customers as individuals, including their unique backgrounds, cultures, etc. This is particularly true of a multi-cultural society like the U.S., and is especially true as companies large and small extend their
global marketing and support efforts to the world. To prepare an organization to address this growing arena of customer diversity is one of the key challenges of a customer service organization in the 21st century. Learning Objectives: 1) Discuss diversity in the workplace relative to business needs. 2) Identify and distinguish between the 4 personality types. 3) List and contrast customer service among the 5 generational groups. 4) Describe how one must learn to communicate effectively with various disabled persons. 5) Discuss why serving a diverse customer set is at the heart of global business. 6) What roles do supervisors, managers, owners play in this effort. 7) Describe the impact of globalization on customer service. Assignments:
1) Read chapter 2 2) In the assignment section, read the case study in the project 2.5 section of your text (A complaint from a disabled customer,

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