Case study 03075

Case study 03075

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What you need to do is using the calculations and results to critically answer question 1 with published work (mainly
journals, citing references).
Also, you need to do the calculations of Question2 and Question3. They are easy to calculate. Use your calculations and results to critically answer these two questions with published work (mainly journals, citing references) as well.  The word limit is no more than 2,500. So, critically answer these
Questions using no more than 2,500 words.
The text book has been uploaded for you as well. You can find everything related to this work easily when you search the keywords. Please make good use of it. However, the only textbook is not enough. You need more published work (journals for citing references), at least 25.  Short Introduction and conclusion are needed in this paper. Also,
the paper should be in Report format!  Please be very careful about the similarity and plagiarize as the
paper will be submitted through Turnitin.

Pre-Written Pages:  10


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