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Requirement SOT Task 1 Help on this Pagelink opens in new window Click to Show/Hide Directions Directions SUBDOMAIN 713.2 – ETHICS Competency 713.2.1: Ethics and Nursing Practice – The graduate understands ethical principles that provide a framework for nursing practice. Competency 713.2.2: Nursing Values – The graduate
understands professional values and beliefs that provide a framework for nursing practice. Competency 713.2.3: Ethical Decision-Making – The graduate uses a decision-making process to resolve ethical dilemmas. Competency 713.2.4: Ethics and Healthcare – The graduate applies ethical principles to healthcare delivery systems. Objectives:
713.2.1-01: Recognize elements common to health professions that are used to guide practice. 713.2.1-02: Justify the importance of ethical theory to nursing. 713.2.1-03: Relate the principle of autonomy to patient\’s rights, informed consent, paternalism, and noncompliance. 713.2.1-04: Define the principle of beneficence. 713.2.1-05: Apply the
principle of malfeasance to actions related to harm and benefit. 713.2.1-06: Relate confidentiality to the concept of reasonable limits. 713.2.1-08: Relate the principle of fidelity to nurses\’ promise to society. 713.2.1-09: Identify how to resolve conflict between two or more ethical principles. 713.2.1-10: Differentiate between ethical dilemmas, moral uncertainty, practical dilemmas, moral distress, and moral outrage

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