Canadian Immigration.Lower Level Liberal Studies Course

Canadian Immigration.Lower Level Liberal Studies Course

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Focus on the immigration experience of a particular ethno-racial group. Please note that you must ensure that sufficient research has been published on the ethno-racial group to write an essay. Examples of groups you could study are: Irish, Italian, Caribbean, Sikh, Jewish, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Tamil, etc. In most instances it is impossible to write a short essay on the entire immigration history of an ethno-racial group. Your essay must focus on a specific historical period (e.g. Chinese immigration 1858 to 1923, 1948 to 1970’s, 1970’s to 2000 etc.. You may get ideas from the Ethnic Group Booklets published by the Canadian Historical Association.

Here is the web link: What does the history of the immigrant community you have chosen reveal about Canadian immigration? For background information on the history of Canadian immigration policy consult Kelly, Ninette, and Michael Trebilcock. The Making of the Mosaic: A History of Canadian Immigration Policy. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1998. Ryerson Library electronic resource.

Your essay should discuss:

1. The timing of the group’s migration to Canada.

2. Major Push/Pull factors promoting migration.

3. Canadian government policy that affected your immigrant group.

4. Immigrant integration – has it been successful?

6. Issues that promoted or inhibited successful settlement in Canada that you consider significant.

7. Does the historical immigration experience of your group reveal Canada in a positive or negative light?

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