Canadian Health Care Scheme for Senior Citizens

Canadian Health Care Scheme for Senior Citizens

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According to the article, it could be analyzed that Canadian policies for the senior citizen are not proving to be so effective. The article includes the results of the census conducted in August by Canadian Medical Association (CMA) which Canadians articulated their certain set of uncertainties about their medical projection when they will grow old. Citizens are not happy with the way Canadian government is showing no interest in fulfilling the demands of the citizens.

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Please study the assigned course reading titled “When a Stagnant Health System Meets an Aging Population” first

and then watch the following videos:×9-some-canadian-patients-struggling-to-pay-for-cancer-treatments/

Respond to the following questions:

What did you learn from the editorial and videos? What information diyou find most interesting or concerning? Why? 1 inch both sides for margin

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