can islamic finance prevent financial crisis?

can islamic finance prevent financial crisis?

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I want you to continue writing the last three chapters of my dissertation , notably ill be sending to you the previous sections of my dissertation in order to follow the same stream that has be written, the chapters are as follow :
• The third chapter The methodology: in this chapter as I’m debating weither Islamic finance can prevent financial crisis or not . should make a compersion between six banks three of them following islmic banking and the other three following conventional banking and compare them pre and post the crisis in the period of 2005 till 2011 using five related ratios that can be used to fully evaluate the banks position pre and post the crisis. (1500 words )?
It should have Styles of research / Methods of Analysis / Data Sources and Ethical issues 15 resources
• The forth chapter finding and discussion (2500 words): -critically analyse findings from secondary research which i will provide all the already done chapters(introduction , literature review,) discussion ( put my own contribution )
• The fifth conclusion and recommendation chapter (750 words):
1- conclusion (no more than 2 pages )
2-reccomendation should include:
a-the answer of research question and objectives
b- regular recommendationsfor the finding and discuusion chapter and the conclusion 14 resources
Please bear in mind that I’m doing a secondary research and pay attention to the words count as I’m not suppose to exceed the 4750


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