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B. Table of Contents Suggested number of pages
1. Executive Summary 1.0
2. Company Description 0.5
3. Strategic Focus and Plan 1.0
a. Mission/Vision Statements
b. Goals
c. Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
4. Situation Analysis 1.0
a. SWOT analysis
• Internal Strengths and Weaknesses: Management, Offerings, Marketing, Personnel, Finance, Manufacturing, and Research and Development (R & D)
• External Opportunities and Threats: Consumer/Social, Economic,
Technological, Competitive, and Legal/Regulatoryb. Industry Analysisc.
Competitor Analysisd. Customer Analysis
5. Market-Product Focus 2.0
a. Marketing and Product Objectives
b. Target Marketsc. Points of Differenced. Positioning
6. Marketing Program 2.0
a. Product Strategyb. Price Strategy(i) Breakeven Analysisc. Promotion Strategyd. Place (Distribution) Strategy
7. Financial Data and Projections 1.0a. Past Sales Revenuesb.
Five-Year Projections
8. Organizational Structure 0.5
9. Implementation 1.0
10. Evaluation and Control 0.5
C. References

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