Business Strategy Case Analysis

Business Strategy Case Analysis

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You need to read the Hopworks Urban Brewery case (Check the additional materials) and analysis it. You have to follow the flow of Analysis Template (Check the additional materials) to write the paper. The information that you need to include are Background of Hopworks Urban Brewery, the organization today, Mission, Goals and Objectives, Stakeholders, General Environment, Industry Environment, Competitor Analysis, Analysis of Dynamics of External Forces, Internal analysis,
Strategy, Synthesis (SWOT), Analysis of alternatives, Implementation (Action plan, rationale for action plan, new structure and control systems needed, criteria to evaluate success of implementation).

You will analyze “Hopworks Urban Brewery” in the context of its Background (including organization today, mission, goals & objectives,list out stakeholders in the product market, capital market and organizational) , External analysis (including external environment for demographic segment, ethnic, population, political, economic, social-culture, technological, and global segments ; internal environment which need to talk about bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, threat of entry of this industry, threats from substitute products) , Internal analysis (including the organization’s resources, capabilities, core competencies and performance), Strategy ( please find out their business level strategy, corporate level strategy, international strategy and cooperative strategies –> Each strategy
you need to find sources to support the statement), synthesis (including Strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats that Hopworks Urban Brewery is facing) , analysis of alternatives (including what alternative courses of actions are open to the organization to address the threats and weaknesses, what criteria
would make for a good strategic choice, Evaluate the alternatives, and recommended immediately need changes action and long-range action to
the organization), implementation (including develop an action plan for organization, rationale to take about why this plan is good, new
structure and control systems needed for the action plan, criteria to evaluate success of implementation of action plan). You must find at
least 10 sources to support your view or statements that you wrote in the paper.You can take a look of “Case-Analysis-of-Aria-Foods” which is from my classmate as your reference.

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