business report

business report

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Write a recommendation memo report to your supervisor, Ms. Suarez illustrating the data you have collected and recommending two ways to solve this problem.

This is a short report; therefore, your report will not include a title page, a table of contents, or appendices. The visualized data must be within the text (body) of the report; do not place the data at the end of the report.

Organizational Guidelines:

TO: Ms. Suarez, CEO
FROM: Insert Your Name
DATE: Month Day, Year
SUBJECT: Workforce Transportation Habits

Begin your report memo with a brief introductory statement outlining the background, problem/opportunity/purpose, scope, and organization of the report.

In the body of your report, you are required to illustrate each set of data with figures. Keep in mind this portion of the report requires an appropriate heading, and each of the four figures requires a reference statement, a caption, and if applicable, a legend. Do not place the data in a bulleted/numbered list or in a table.

For example:

APPROPRIATE SECTION HEADING Precede the graph with a reference statement explaining what the graph illustrates. For example, Figure 1 illustrates the employees’ carpool habits.

Figure 1: Employees’ Carpool Habits

Create the figure. Determine which figure best illustrates the data. Should you use a pie chart, a bar chart or a line chart? Once you have decided which chart to use, review your text for format requirements. How large should the chart be? Should the data be an ascending or descending order? Where should you place the labels? Does the chart require a legend? Is the visual clear, complete, concise, connected, and compelling (see textbook for guidelines)?

Note: If you are not familiar with how to create chart using MSWord or importing them from Excel and embedding them into MSWord, you should consult the Help function in MSWord or you may also find it useful to review the following webpages:

Immediately following the chart, explain the significance of the data. This is referred to as the illustration’s caption.

For example, As you can see from Figure 1,….

After all four chart are completed, offer two possible solutions to the problem. Each solution should be logically derived from the data and each must be adequately explained. This section of the report also requires an appropriate heading. There should only be two solutions for the entire report.

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