Business report of Sandell Arnold

Business report of Sandell Arnold

Business report of Sandell Arnold

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Business report of Sandell Arnold Audit and Corporate Governance content is covered in teaching week 9, this area of the assessment is worth 14 marks…so don’t ignore it. All the requirements have been released at phase 2, so what do you need to consider?

explain what type of modified (Not-so-Clean) audit report, the external auditors would give Sandell if the accounting treatment of the £30 million damages remains unresolved.
So what do you need to consider:
o You have a scenario which is suggesting we need to give a modified audit report and we need to decide which type of report to provide. (Have we undertaken this sort of activity in seminars – Week 9, seminar activity 2 perhaps?)
o You will need to decide which Not so clean audit report is applicable here
o You will then need to explain why you have made that choice.


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