Business Report for Business Idea – Wonky Edibles

Business Report for Business Idea – Wonky Edibles

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The first part of this assignment was to create a business Idea and give a presentation on the company. Requirements for the assessmentStudents are required to produce a business report for their business idea. The report should be produced for an audience of business directors and investors (for assessment purposes this will consist of the module leader plus another member of the SBE lecturing staff). The report is designed to provide an overview of the business model.The report should cover the following compulsory elements:Front cover page – group number & student ids Table of ContentsIntroductionValue Proposition *Business Model Canvas (completed diagram) Sustainable Competitive Advantage SWOT AnalysisSales & Revenue *MarketingOrganisation (team roles & profiles)Finance (sources of funding) Reference List Appendices (where appropriate – appendices are not mandatory)

Please do the two points with a star next to them (Probably one page one each). If you think that any small diagram will enhance the work, please feel free to add them. Learning outcomes tested1 – Evaluate management issues in the start-up of major initiatives including a new venture2 – Demonstrate practical knowledge of the integrated nature of management disciplines in starting and growing a small business3 – Critically evaluate the importance of teamwork and individual contributions within team in an entrepreneurial venture.4 – Assess issues around securing funding and the need to maintain financial stability of new and developing businesses.Special instructionsThe business report should be of a professional standard: this means written in third person language with no spelling errors, succinct language and clearly structured. Appendices should be used with care. The Business Idea is called Wonky Edibles. The company buys cheap fruit and vegetables from farmers that are usually rejected by supermarket companies for not coming within regulation standards. The company is based in the UK and there is no company that provides the same service in the UK market. Necessary research should be done to complete the task.

Plenty of food to make it a business worth starting• According to the report – Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not 30% of vegetables in the UK were not harvested because of their physical appearance, so we know that the supply is easily large enough to sustain a business such as our own. To put it in perspective, A quarter of grapes, two-fifths of bananas and 40 percent of apples are discarded each year in the UK.
• Many consumers know that a conventional appearance is no guarantee of flavour and that it is the supermarkets that are to blame for this fine to eat but cosmetically challenged food not being easily accessible.Different consumer segments will be attracted

• There are those looking to save money, those looking to be more environmentally friendly and everyone between.

• Many consumers find it hard to make green choices on a regular basis because more often than not the more environmentally friendly option will cost more. This is however not the case in our business as our average markdown on price compared to standard food will be 20-30%

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