Business quantitative research design

Business quantitative research design

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This assignment is based on your evaluation and analysis of a survey undertaken on the users of a University Sports Centre. In order to do this you will consider the design of the questionnaire itself and you will also be asked to undertake some analysis (in SPSS) of the data set that was created by using this questionnaire.The datafile you will analyse (called aservqual.sava) is the product of a survey conducted by a couple of former undergraduate students looking at service quality in the context of a Sports Centre. The questionnaire they used to collect the data is available on Blackboard together with some contextual information and an extract from a draft research paper giving further details about the research. You should take some time to read and familiarise yourself with these files.Your task is to create a report on this research that answers the questions set out below. Your report should include appropriate tables and graphs and a set of references. You should use PASW/SPSS for data analysis where required.1. Evaluation of Questionnaire Design (total = 15% of the marks)Considering all the documents carefully and examining the data file that was produced by using this questionnaire you should write a brief summary of the methods used in this research; including your understanding of the research aims of this survey exercise.Consider the questionnaire used for the data collection and make observations and suggestions for improvement about the design of the questionnaire itself. (We suggest you complete it yourself or ask friends to complete it in order to trial it). Discuss the purpose of the 3 parts to the questionnaire and the design of questions.From the accompanying draft research paper find out what sampling approach the authors say was used. Comment generally on the approach used to collect the data.2. Analysis of survey data (total = 55% of the marks) This section of your report should be based on an analysis of the data provided (in the file servqual.sav) and should include clear and effective tables and/or graphs to answer the following:2a. SAMPLE COMPOSITION Using frequencies and/or descriptive statistics, report on the composition of the sample obtained in this survey. Explain why it is important to know the composition of any sample. Discuss any aspects of this sample composition you find unexpected and reflect on how these findings might relate to the sampling approach used (10%).2b. Analysis of satisfaction levels reported in Question 1 of the QuestionnaireIn Question 1 of the survey a number of questions were asked to measure levels of satisfaction with different features of the Sports Centre. These questions each relate to a variable in the data file with similar names (i.e. all those from aT1Equipmenta down to acustservicea in the data file). Using descriptive statistics describe the responses obtained to each of these questions. Rank the responses to Question 1 in your report so that it is clear which aspects ascoreda the highest and which the lowest. Identify any aspects of the Sports Centre the respondents were particularly satisfied with and those they were less satisfied with. Reflect on the possible implications of this for the management of the Sports Centre. (10%)The Sports Centre Management were also interested to know whether the levels of satisfaction (picked up by Question 1 in the survey) varied depending on whether participants are members of the Sports Centre or not. Use cross-tabulations (crosstabs) to look at the all responses given to Question 1 in relation to this independent variable (i.e. consider each dependent variable from aT1Equipmenta to acustservicea and cross-tabulate each against the membership variable). Identify which of these appear to show noticeable differences. Using chi-squared tests identify if any of these differences identified are statistically significant. Reflect on what this analysis may be able to tell the managers of the Sports Centre. Explain in your own words what these tests of difference show (15%)2c. Analysing the importance given to different dimensions of service quality In Question 2 of the survey respondents were asked to state the importance they give to each of 5 performance dimensions of service quality by giving a score between 0 and 100 for each dimension .(Note: These variables are aQ1a to aQ5a in the data file). Use descriptive statistics to describe the responses given. Comment on these findings and consider their implications for the overall research objective. (10%).The final set of variables in the data file combine the levels of satisfaction from question 1 of the survey (aT1Equipmenta to acustservicea) with the scoring each person gave (in Question 2 of the survey) to the corresponding dimension of quality . This has produced weighted values for each measure (i.e. produced the new variables at1a to aE2a at the end of the datafile). These new weighted variables are not on the original questionnaire a but have been constructed by the research students by combining the answers given to Question 1 with those given by each person to Question 2:a. Calculate the mean values for these weighted variables (i.e. at1a to aE2a) and rank these. (5%)b. Compare this with the ordering of the original unweighted results and comment on any changes in rankings that this weighting has produced. Comment on why you think it might be useful to weight responses in this way. (5%)3. Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations (total = 30% of the marks)The final section of the report should now summarise your findings and draw some conclusions. Reiterate the key findings from your above analysis a highlighting the points you think the management of the Sports Centre should pay particular attention to. Your report should highlight what the research suggests are the strengths of the Sports Centre (in terms of service quality) and what it suggests are areas requiring more attention. (10%)Review to what extent your findings challenge or reinforce your existing understanding of service quality? (Comment also on whether you thought adding the weighted values provided any valuable information or not to this discussion). (10%)Highlight any recommendations you may have for further developing the research – including any suggestions you would make for changing, modifying or extending the research design in another future study. Reflect also on what have you learnt as a result of this evaluation that you can take to your future research studies. (10%)

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