Business plan for gym studio in boston

Business plan for gym studio in boston

Business plan for gym studio in boston

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Writing a business plan detailing costs (startup costs, and fixed monthly costs, and marketing costs and projected revenue etc, and 5 year plan, along with expansion) (An excel spreadsheet would be good) The business would be a workout studio similar to a spinning studio (Soulcycle or Flywheel), or Barrys Bootcamp or a pilates studio such as Btone. We would begin in Boston, and would want to rent a studio of 2000-2500 square feet in either the back bay area or fenway area on the ground floor. (please find the average price per month for a studio of that space) make sure you take into account the marketing costs, and that they are lower since we are on ground floor with area full of foot traffic.

SURFSET does not franchise, i will be calling my studio a different name altogether. Here is the information about starting a studio -1x fee of $3,000 USD for studio license and use of SSF trademarks (fee only applicable if SSF is used in studio name)-boards are sold at a discounted price when you purchase our training/marketing package, $550 each instead of $675-you receive access to our online Training platform where you can have an unlimited number of Trainers certified this year, you can add Trainers as your program grows, at no extra cost-we list your facility on our Find A Class page that draws over 10,000 unique web hits every day, this will send interested people in your area to your website-you have access to several photos, promotional video, more flyer templates, and web graphics through our online platform which you can use for marketing-your trainers receive programming for our 4 styles of SURFSET classes, ranging from cardio to strength to balance-specific, which come with a video, playlist and printout.The total cost for this package is $1800. Additionally, you purchase the boards.

Hello, I dont think i need to upload any additional information about this. i just need a business plan detailing what the business is going to be doing. the business is a studio that is similar to barrys bootcamp, soulcycle or Stone (please look these up) except it will be using Surfset Fitness Materials. I will upload a powerpoint explaining what surfiest is, and the costs to buy the 20 boards needed for the studio

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