Business marketing management

Business marketing management

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Please note that key areas of assessment in the written assignment.  Presentation & Referencing (10%) Marks will be awarded for a professional presentation style. Use of the appropriate Harvard referencing style. The presentation should be professional – this is a managerial report. It should be acceptable to present to a marketing executive. Narrative (10%) This includes a sound structure. A clear introduction and conclusion / managerial recommendations is key. Logic, flow of argument and English language used will also be assessed here. Engagement with academic literature  (30%) Application of theory to chosen example is imperative. You are reading for a degree and you must demonstrate an appropriate level of reading (i.e. at least 15 academic sources)       Identification of definitions and terminology appropriate to marketing management (10%) This includes relevant definitions, appropriate use of terminology and identification of research issues in the literature.    Critical evaluation of theory to marketing management (40%). You should demonstrate evaluation of how your area relates to best practice approaches in m rketing management.

  • This is not just about defining theory, but comparing and contrasting various authors and sources of information to derive “best practice”.  Extra marks are awarded for contextualising  this to your chosen organisation  – think about the marketing management forces within your chosen industry.


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