Business Leader Analysis

Business Leader Analysis

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• Objective 1: Integrate OB topics covered this semester to how they apply in the context of a real organizational leader.
• Objective 2: Understand Lessons Learned from this leader as it relates to your future positions in the business world.

In addition to interesting information you learn about the individual and his/her company, specific areas should be addressed. The following is a guiding framework that you can use in your Leader Analysis: Briefly introduce the leader Early influences and leadership experiences Current leadership position Personality What are the leader’s values and how do those values appear to influence the leader’s attitudes and behavior? How s/he is described by others, especially followers

 Describe the organizational culture of the company associated with this leader. Be sure to use chapter concepts to explain how you see the culture expressed with employees. What decision making behaviors do you see this leader using? What heuristics and/or biases are evident? Is this leader’s style of decision making effective? Why/why not? What source of power does the leader appear to possess and use? Do you see organizational politics encouraged or discouraged with this leader? Is the leader’s use of power effective? Why/why not? How are the leader’s ethics reflected in his/her behaviors, decisions and other actions (e.g., within the organization, outside the firm, in the popular press)? Be specific in your examples. The effects of his/her leadership on the organisation’s performance

An Introduction section is required at the beginning of the paper that includes a motivation step and a brief overview of the what’s in the paper. A Conclusion section is also required at the end of the paper that summarizes what you have learned about the particular leader and clearly explores what you have learned about the type of leader that you might become. This should also include a discussion of whether you might have done things differently than the leader being examined.

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