Business Introduction in China

Business Introduction in China

Business Introduction in China

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Business Introduction in China This course contains a Course Project where you will be required to submit assignments at various stages within your course. Because of this, you may need to spend additional time and effort in certain weeks to develop this global business strategic plan.

and Formatting

A quality paper will include a title page, an abstract, proper citations, and a bibliography.  A quality paper will include an introduction of the company and industry. The content will be properly subdivided into sections derived from the items 27 above. In a quality paper, the conclusion will summarize the reasoning you employed in your analysis and any outstanding conclusions you can reach about the companies analyzed.

A quality paper will be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Sentences and paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually correct. A quality paper will have significant scope and depth of research to support any statements. Relevant illustration or examples are encouraged. A quality paper will employ sound use of reasoning and logic to reinforce conclusions. Proper ratio calculations and conclusions on analysis.

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You and your team of other students will choose a product or service, and you will select a host country (other than the U.S.) in which to launch the product or service. Each team will prepare a Global Business Strategy Plan using the outline available in Doc Sharing.

During the first week of the course, your instructor will assign project teams. Once your team is formed, your first step is to decide what product/service and what country your team will study. Your ideas should be economically viable and realistically implementable. When selecting a company, your team should consider access to industry
contacts, access to information in selecting a target company, and your personal interests.

The format of the plan follows the outline of topics in the course. The key to success is to work together to complete parts of the plan each week. Each team has its own private Discussion area that can be used to coordinate work on the team project.

At the end of Week 4, you will submit a draft of your plan to date. This is graded, and it will allow me to track your progress and make sure you are not falling behind.


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