Business Final Report

Business Final Report

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1. Introduction to Organization:
Max Grade =2.5 pt.
Max 1 page, write introduction to the organization. Focus on following:
1. Brief background of the company
2. History
3. Current status of company
4. Company statistics such as number of employees, stocks, etc.
2. Organization Objectives and Missions:
Max grade = 2.5 pt.
This section should take a maximum of 1/2 page. It should include thefollowings:
1. Write Company mission statement
2. Write company objectives
3. Services it offers
3. Internship Position Description:
Max grade = 2.5 pt.
Max 1/2 page
1. Mention the job title/position you were entitled during your internship
2. Write the job title description
3. Company expectations from this job title during your internship
4. Training Completed:
Max grade = 2.5 pt.
You may use up to a max of 2 pages.
Mention all the trainings that you have completed
Week 1
Give details about training completed on weekly basis, here you write the training completed in week 1 and similarly follow for the week 2, 3 and 4
Week 2
Similar to Week 1.
Week 3
Similar to Week 1.
Week 4
Similar to Week 1.
5. Intern’s Contribution to Organization:
Max grade = 2.5 pt.
This section can take a maximum of 1 page. Here highlight the contributions that you offered to the organization as an internship trainee
6. Academic Training Integration and Organization’s Expectation Comparison: (very important point)


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