Business of Coca Cola

Business of Coca Cola

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As the CURRENT CEO of Coca-Cola, which ONE of the following strategies would you pursue and


o Global Standardization

o Localization

 The Midterm will be graded on a 100-point scale based on the written document. A total of 100 will be the highest, with 0 being assigned only if a student fails to meet the submission deadline.

 The Midterm should be written with the idea that “less is more,” aiming for clear, crisp answers. A discussion of the grading approach follows (scoring rubric is on the next page):

1) An “Excellent” write-up will be well organized structurally, clearly identifies the issue at hand, present a compelling analysis of the case question, and provide a persuasive recommendation. Additionally, the write- up will use succinct, clear language with minimal distractions in formatting and grammatical issues and will read like an effective business brief.

2) A “Very Good” write-up will demonstrate understanding of the case issues and will be organized logically with clear analysis however improvements required in the persuasiveness of the argument and recommendations.

3) A “Fair” write-up will show partial understanding of the case issues and will have room for improvement in how the case structure is organized, the analytical rigor of the argument and the persuasiveness of the recommendation.

4) A “Below Average” write-up will reflect minimal understanding of the case and low effort in the how the case is structured and analyzed along with a recommendation that is not persuasive.

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