Business Assessment 1

Business Assessment 1

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1. Read the supplied advertising brief.

a. Interpret a creative brief.

b. Confirm the central idea/creative concept.

c. Confirm the mass print media to be used.

d. Identify and check the advertising context and supporting information for accuracy and completeness.

e. Confirm the time, schedule and budget requirements for creating the advertisements.

f. Identify legal and ethical constraints.

2. Produce the creative brief.


Your job is to produce a creative brief based on an advertising brief as:  provided by the facilitator (see above) or

 negotiated with your facilitator.

Your assessor will be looking for a creative brief that demonstrates that you have a thorough understanding of the advertising brief.

The creative brief must show:  the central idea or creative concept  techniques for expressing the idea/concept and mass media to be used  the required advertising content and supporting information  the time, schedule and budget requirement for creating the advertisements  any legal and/or ethical constraints.


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