Business Assessment 3

Business Assessment 3

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1. Use the creative brief developed for Assessment 1 or use another creative brief supplied to you by the assessor.

2. Create (or oversee the creation of) two mass print media advertisements. For each: a. determine and produce the elements of the print advertisement to communicate the required image, features and benefits of the product or service

b. size and position each element of the print advertisement to achieve balance and focus for the advertisement

c. ensure the typeface selections suit the product and the central idea of the advertisement

d. ensure the layout of the advertisement unifies the elements, balances white space and margins, attracts the reader to the focus and guides the reading sequence

e. ensure the advertisement meets the requirements of the advertising brief and that it meeds legal and ethical


3. Provide the two advertisements to your assessor.

4. Provide a written report that explains how each part of the creative brief is reflected in the advertisements.


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