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1 Please Read Ethics in Business Exercise 1-3 on page 26 of Managerial Accounting. Let’s discuss the ethical dilemma. What would be the the practical consequences on the fast-food industry and on consumers if cashiers generally shortchanged customers at every opportunity?

2 Let’s assume that you and a group of friends go out to dinner. At the end of the meal, the issue arises about how the bill for the group should be shared among everyone. Consider the alternatives for dividing the bill. What is the best method for dividing the bill? Why? How does this issue relate to the material covered in Chapter 8?

3 Tess Brown is the Budgeting VP for Expo International, a large publicly traded corporation. Ms. Brown was very upset with John Smith, a Divisional Manager, after reviewing the mid-year budget reports because Mr. Smith’s department has not spend all the monies allocated for new equipment purchases, i.e. computers, copiers, etc. Mr. Smith indicated that his department did not need new equipment at this time. However, he would like to spend the money on employee training.


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