Bullying: From Doctors to Nurses

Bullying: From Doctors to Nurses

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Developing a Research Topic for a Qualitative Study.Bullying: From Doctors to NursesintroductionProblem Statement2-paragraph problem statement generated from a gap in the scholarly research that clearly describes(a) the phenomena of interest(b) a summary of key findings based on the three articles(c) a gap that should be addressed

Purpose Statement Paper provides a clear purpose statement using the terminology of qualitative research. The purpose statement includes a strong, research-based justification for the study(a) the phenomena chosen(b) the “fit” with a constructivist epistemology and ontology(c) the relevance of the naturalistic setting or context to the phenomena of interest(d) the researcher’s relationship to the problem and issues of bias and positionality(e) a brief description of the setting and possible sources of data.

Potential for Social ChangePaper provides a clear, one-paragraph explanation of how the results of the study might contribute to making a difference at a local/community, regional, or national level.The paper includes an Annotated Bibliography section that includes(a) 2-literature review or meta-analysis article(b) 1-theory article(c) 1-research article

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