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Broadcasting Media

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TASK DESCRIPTION – Annotations Six (6) in total 250-400 words each 1. Heading: Annotation 1, Annotation 2, etc. a. Complete citation in UQ Harvard referencing style. b. Indicate the type of source, e.g. journal article. c. Comment on the intended readers of the source and degree of reading difficulty. d. Author(s): May be individuals or an organization i. Qualifications ii. Membership of an association or company (if relevant), including the main function or focus of the organization. Research iii. Comment on the possible motivation of the author. o Note: If this information is from a different source, in-text referencing is required. 3. Discussion of the source content a. Discuss which aspects of the source relate to the Point at Issue. b. Identify which research questions the source addresses. c. Summarize the relevant information or arguments that relate to the research questions. d. Summarize the main thesis of the source. e. Discuss the information in the source in relation to: i. Clarity ii. Accuracy iii. Precision iv. Depth and breadth v. Reliability and relevance/validity e. Critical comment on the information in the source: vi. Analysis } vii. Synthesis viii. Evaluation ix. Justification

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