Briefing a case Harris v. Jones, 281 Md. 560 (1977).

Briefing a case Harris v. Jones, 281 Md. 560 (1977).

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Definition/Purpose: A brief is a succinct condensation of essential
case information in an organized manner. You must follow the
guidelines below for the format of a brief.

Format: The brief should be no longer than 250 words. See the article
“Briefing Cases” under the Course Content link in your classroom for
additional information on format requirements. Your discussion must
include each of the following elements:

1) Facts: In no more than a paragraph, explain what happened as if you
were telling a story. If there are lower court decisions include them.

2) Issue: This is the main issue the court must decide. Normally it is
presented as a question.

3) Holding: This is the court’s decision.

4) Rationale: What is the court’s reason for doing what it did. What
are the factors that drove to that decision?

5) Rule of Law: This is what I interpret the rule of law to be for
this case: This is what the case will stand for; a rule to be applied
in future cases.


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