BP Oil and Gas Industry Term Paper

BP Oil and Gas Industry Term Paper

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Create a TOWS Matrix, Executive Summary and a completed final draft of your term project. Your papers MUST include the following:  Write an executive two-page (max.) summary to begin your report: The summary should be easy to read and present your strategic choice recommendation. Recommend a strategy for your firm and justify it
using the research results that you presented throughout your course assignments. The strategy chosen should make sense for your firm. The basic questions that you want to answer with this section is; “What is my recommendation for my company to do strategically?”, and “How did I come to this conclusion?” The executive summary should begin your term project.  Company Introduction (Asmt#1): What does your company do? This should give a brief introduction as to the business that your company is in.  Porter Five Forces (Asmt#2): analysis of your firm’s industry. External Factor Evaluation (Asmt#3): Make sure that the chart begins this section and that your factors are supported by citation and research. Internal Factor Evaluation (Asmt#4): Make sure the chart begins this
section and that your factors are supported by citation and research. TOWS Matrix: Evaluate the internal Strengths and Weaknesses, and the external Threats and Opportunities facing your chosen firm. Your TOWS analysis should be the final section of your project and should discuss the strategies that you created through matching Strengths and Weaknesses to Opportunities and Threats. Since the factors are already discussed in your EFE and IFE, the important thing with this tool is to combine internal and external factors in a logical way in selecting strategies that you will recommend per our class discussion. Please justify the strategies chosen as completely as possible in two or
three pages following the TOWS matrix under individual headings. In your discussion a complete description will include the type of strategic option and a brief description and justification of the option

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