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Each student will write a minimum 1,500 word book report (5-6 pages, double-space typed), on the two required biographies (#1 and #2 on the required list): “Science Lessons: What the Business of Biotech taught me about Management” by Gordon Binder (former CEO, Amgen) and Philip Bashe (Harvard Business Press, 2008), and “The Moral Corporation:Merck Experiences” by Roy Vagelos (former CEO, Merck) and Louis Galambo (Cambridge University Press, 2006). Note that Mr. Binder has a MBA in finance and Mr. Vagelos is a MD. Although both were former CEOs of a premier bio pharmaceutical company in the world, their perspectives on running an innovative healthcare company may be different. One can think of Mr. Binder as a business man running a science company, while Mr. Vagelos as a scientist running a complex business. The book report should focus on key lessons learnt and to compare/contrast of the ways these executives managed their respective companies.Book report must be written individually.There are some book reviews on these books already, and the instructors have read them. You are free to use those as your references, BUT plageriasm will NOT be allowed (and your grade will be severely impacted). We want to see what you have learned from reading the book AND taking this course,NOT repeating what others have learned. We can tell a book report written by a student vs. A business professor or business journalist.

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