Blog response practice #6

Blog response practice #6

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1) Personally, I think cyber bullying is the worst form of bullying because you can’t “escape” it; a student being bullied in school, can have a haven at home, but a student being cyberbullied has no escape. This is why cyberbullying is so malicious and dangerous. As if the teachers didn’t have enough to teach and worry about, cyber bullying is now a must talk about the lesson. In my school, our computer/technology teacher takes the brunt of this teaching, but I think it is important for the teachers also to talk about it and reinforce Internet guidelines. I found numerous articles on the subject of cyber bullying and it is prompting me to look into my school’s policy–I’m wondering if we have something in the school handbook of policies? Do any of you already have policies stated in your school handbook covering cyberbullying? I know it is a slippery slope when it comes to schools and kids internet usage–if the kid is “bullying” outside of school or off campus, then can the school step in? Because cyberbullying is relatively new, I think that most schools have not added a clause to their policy yet?? I think this is something that needs to be proactive as opposed to reactive though thoughts??

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