Biography of the Sainte Chapelle

Biography of the Sainte Chapelle

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The Sainte-Chapelle, French for Holy Chapel, is located in Paris, France. Built in the traditional gothic style for the time, it was accomplished over the span of seven years (Colomban & Tournie, 2007). Cohen (2008) mentions Sainte-Chapelle’s original purpose was to be a religious temple for previous Christian vestiges; it is rumored that should Christ’s Holy Grail ever have been found it would have been placed here. Moreover, The Shroud of Turin likely would have been placed here, as well (Cohen, 2008). The supposed crown of thorns worn by Christ at the time of his death, according to Weiss (1995), was housed here upon the structure’s completion, allowing for King Louis IX of France’s eventual rise to the head of Christianity. He had initially commissioned for the church to be built, as he was the one with the collection of Christian relics that needed displaying. While it is said the Sainte-Chapelle is a great triumph in gothic architecture, it is simultaneously a structure that inhibited science and technology a great deal based on the oppressive roots it was born out of.

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