Benefits/Drawbacks of Governing Canada using a Unitary Political System compared to Federal Political System

Benefits/Drawbacks of Governing Canada using a Unitary Political System compared to Federal Political System

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General Guidelines: Following instructions is a big part of succeeding in this assignment. Please adhere to the following guidelines, and do speak to us as you get going to going to ensure you are on track.Research: Research the debate on that subject, i.e. look at the subject from multiple political viewpoints. Select one aspect of this debate that you would like to explore. Your research should be broader than the question so you can select the best research for your Essay, and show your research skills. Thesis: Your research paper must have a clear thesis statement (a response to the topic question). Use Academic/Scholarly sources: Academic books or journal articles provide information that both describes and analyses the problem at hand. To see if a journal Page 1 of 3 article is scholarly/peer-reviewed, you can use the Ulrich’s Database (accessible through the Library’s website under “Databases”). Some sources for good background research: encyclopaedias, dictionaries, statistics databases, etc.; but, they are not sources of in-depth analysis so should only be used for background or provide data (stats, dates, etc.).Formatting: The research paper must be typed in Times New Roman or Arial, 12-point font. It must respect the standard margins imposed by Word (1” or 1.25”). It must be double-spaced.The research paper must be between a minimum of 1500 to a maximum of 1800 words or it will be subject to a grade penalty. Provide your word count (not including bibliography or footnotes or endnotes) at the end of your research paper. You do not require a title page; however, the following information must be included at the top of your first page (if you do not have a cover age) (1) Name; (2) Student Number; (3) Your Professor’s name; (4) Your TA’s Name; (5) Paper title.Introduction: The introductory paragraph should contain a clear statement of their topic and thesis statement that sets out the goal and framework of the paper. You are encouraged to include the topic question in the introductory paragraph to ensure you focus on the topic question appropriately, e.g. “I address the question: ‘Examine … for Canada and why?’, and argue that … [your thesis].” Another option is to put the question at the top of your essay, just before you start your introductory paragraph.

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