Barriers to effective communication in offshore outsourcing

Barriers to effective communication in offshore outsourcing

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The term communication has many definitions, one of the definitions which fit the context is an interaction between two individuals and the ways they interact. Offshore outsourcing can be defined as a process where successful companies and small businesses hire third party service providers to do some of their services. The services can relate to telemarketing, implementation of HR policies, recruitment, and appointment scheduling. In order to cut the cost and make use of talent across the globe, successful companies invest in offshore outsourcing setups. The research paper focuses on the hurdles faced by the successful companies launching an offshore outsourcing setup and how to overcome it. Perceptions, paradigm shift, and other such cultural differences contribute to barriers in communication in offshore outsourcing. Therefore, barriers to effective communication in offshore setups have great impact on companies planning to launch an offshore setup. Research Objective: The aim of entire research is to build understanding of barriers to effective communication in offshore outsourcing.

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