Banks in Qatar at general

Banks in Qatar at general

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Since each student is selecting one or two companies from the same industry. One industry analysis should be analyzed by the group The company’s industry obviously influences the outlook for the company. Industry Overview consists of ( the below are only to guide your analysis but you may go beyond the below points)

o Brief description of the main business industry of the company.

o Will an industry that performs well in one period continue to perform well in the

o Any future expectations and news related to the industry

o Economic trends and the effect on industry performance, e.g. the effect of inflation, interest rate (financial and housing industries will be adversely affected by high interest rates), International Economics (Economic growth in world regions or specific countries benefits industries with a large presence in the areas), Consumer Sentiment (the performance of consumer cyclical industries will be affected by changes in consumer sentiment)

o Companies operating within the industry

o Production trends including new projects, expansion projects, closure of projects

o Production distribution

o Products Pricing

o Differences in quality of product

o Location of suppliers in respect to their main markets

o Demand trends if available

o SWAT and Porter’s 5 forces analysis for the industry.

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