BACKGROUND PAPER – “Farewell” counterintelligence case

BACKGROUND PAPER – “Farewell” counterintelligence case

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Please complete a background paper of 3 pages on the most important lessons to be learned from the “Farewell” counterintelligence case.

A background paper is most commonly used on a staff to summarize the information underlying an issue or subject. A short introduction presents the purpose and basic “road map” for the paper, followed by cohesive, single-idea content paragraphs to lead the reader logically to the conclusion.

Start with the header “BACKGROUND PAPER” 1 inch from the top of the first page and three lines above text and use a 1-inch margin all around, double space.  Include your name, organization, office symbol, and phone number on the first page 1 inch from the bottom of the page.).  The key to an effective background paper, like any well-written document, is to get to the point quickly, cover all aspects of the issue in sufficient detail to meet your objective, and close the paper with a sense of finality.

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